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Therapeutic Services

At some point in most people’s lives, they will benefit from speaking with a trained therapist. Therapy is about listening, and also having the courage to hear and act upon that which your deepest, most truthful self is saying. If you are not hearing the messages you want, how can you change the messaging? Together we will cultivate those tools to help you achieve whatever it is will lead you to the most fulfilled, authentic version of yourself.  My door is open to you and I’m ready to listen, even if you’re unsure whether you are ready. Don’t hesitate to call or email and we can discuss your situation and see if working together will benefit you.


Individual Psychotherapy

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I work with students, professionals, parents, seniors, children and adolescents of every gender, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation. I help my patients deal with all forms of issues and illness including depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, bi-polar disorder, anger, aggression, bullying, stress and ADHD.


Maybe none of those issues describe you. Perhaps you have no clear clinical diagnosis, but a general feeling of malaise that has caused disinterest in work, school or your relationships and makes it difficult to get through the day. Maybe on the surface things are seemingly great, and yet, you still have difficulty feeling happy and satisfied. If these feelings have begun to cloud your ability to think clearly, act decisively and generally find some pleasure in your daily life, I believe that therapy can help. We don’t need to put a name or label on what brought you, we just need to figure out why you are feeling what you are feeling so that you can begin living your life.

Individual Psychotherapy


Couples Counseling

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At some point in their relationship, all couples will face challenges. How they deal with those challenges determines the future of their relationship. In couples therapy, we address the complex problems common to most long-lasting relationships including communication, intimacy, work, sexuality, finances and children. Creating a successful, long-term relationship is hard work, but confronting your issues, patterns and approaches to conflict now, can save yourself and your partner pain and stress down the line.

With couples, our work is focused on creating trust and open communication and problem solving. Therapy will help explore the assumptions and expectations each individual brings into the relationship from their personal histories, along with the patterns that have defined previous relationships. We will uncover the unique ways each member has of communicating and responding to their partner in  order to develop a common language and tool set for dealing with the inevitable struggles of a long-term union.

Couples Therapy
Child Family Therapy


Child & Family Therapy

When your child is in trouble, nothing else seems to matter. Perhaps you’ve noticed trouble at school relating to friends, academic performance, stress, bullying, substance abuse or learning difficulties. If the problems are at home, we will work with the entire family to address the sources of stress and work to improve the quality of relationships in the home.

Some other issues that may be affecting your child:

  • Self-esteem

  • Anxiety

  • Mood Disorders

  • Depression

  • Developmental Disabilities

  • Oppositional Defiance Disorder

  • Attachment Disorders

  • Social anxiety

  • ADHD

Working with children and teens is an especially important area of my practice. I began my career working in schools, teaching emotional learning, and it was through this work that my interest in becoming a therapist was born.

I will work with both child and parents, and our first goal will be to create a safe, nurturing space to foster open communication. In time, children will gain the necessary coping skills to keep in their “tool box” for life and will hopefully benefit from positive growth and increased self-esteem.

I also work with school guidance counselors to help create a comprehensive plan for children whose difficulties are related to school, whether with adjustment, learning, social or emotional issues.


If you believe your child has a learning disability, I will help you find the appropriate clinicians to provide a comprehensive neuropsychological and academic evaluation. I can help your family deal with the frustration, anger and other emotional side effects of struggling with such issues.

School Workshops & Trainings

Please contact me if you are interested in setting up a school-based consultation. I can provide a range of school-wide programs, including after school groups or in-school talks and demonstrations to enhance the social and behavioral performance of your students.

Workshps & Training
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