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I work with students, professionals, parents, seniors, children and adolescents of every gender, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation. I help my patients deal with all forms of issues and illness including depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, bi-polar disorder, anger, aggression, bullying, stress and ADHD.


At some point in their relationship, all couples will face challenges.In couples therapy, we address the complex problems common to most long-lasting relationships including communication, intimacy, work, sexuality, finances and children.


Working with children, adolescents and their families requires sensitivity and creativity. Together we can work on a number of issues including those relating to friends, academic performance, stress, bullying, substance abuse or learning difficulties.

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Josh Ring is a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist seeing patients in Manhattan and Long Island, New York. He has a creative and integrative approach to therapy and specializes in working with individual and family therapy, as well as childhood and adolescent difficulties.

80 5th Avenue, New York, NY  10011